Day School Teachers

Jennifer Galyas - 

Dawn Irelan - 

Michelle Swank - 

Bonnie Petroff - 

Holly Mason -

Day School Assistant Teachers

Jill Deneau -
Vicky Singh - 

Marie Ivan


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Day School Board of Education

Pastor Jerald Rayl
Cindy Johnson (chairman)
Karen Holmes 
Mark Ackerman
Deb Lofquist
Lisa Mullen (secretary)
Bill Caldwell (treasurer, ex officio)

First St. John Lutheran Church and Day School

Pastor Jerald Rayl, Senior Pastor

​To help live out our mission and philosophy here at First St. John Day School, it takes a team of loving and caring individuals. As our philosophy statement says, the faculty and staff recognize that it is a responsibility and privilege to be trusted by God and our school families to help mold and develop the character of each student. Below are those who make your children’s growth with us possible. If you ever have any questions, be sure to visit our contact page.

Toni Wilbarger

First St. John Lutheran Church and Day School


First St. John Day School Administrator

Andrea Buckley

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First St. John Lutheran Day School, Child Care & Extended Care

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