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First St. John Lutheran Day School, Child Care & Extended Care

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I guess every project needs a supervisor.

June 21 - First Day of Summer, First piece of equipment is installed - More to come!

Keeping the WEEDS out.

Let's hope there are no SUPER weeds.

Today is the DAY!

June 10, 2017 the digging begins. Thanks to Andy Hodges and E. S. Wagoner's equipment, work begins to dig out the area for the new playground equipment.

The area for the new playground is fenced off.

Don't Fence Me In

But we must - rules require it.

To keep our kids safe the area for the new playground has been fenced off with a "green" chain link fence.

After four years of dreaming, planning and fundraising, the NEW PLAYGROUND is taking shape for the enjoyment of all the future members of our First St. John Lutheran Day School.

THANKS to everyone who has made this become a REALITY!